WP Migrate DB Pro for Staging

Staging is essential for serious site developers. The WP Migrate DB Pro plugin does in minutes what took hours at best. Say you’re developing locally but need data from the live database. With WP Migrate DB Pro, you can simply pull the live database down replacing your local database. Once you’re ready, push your local database up replacing your live database.

Why not just export the database and run a find & replace on the SQL file? Easy enough, right? Wrong. Any replacement that uses PHP serialization (e.g. widgets) will corrupt the serialization and result in an empty string when unserialized. WP Migrate DB Pro can detect serialized data and run a special find & replace ensuring data isn’t corrupted.

You can back up your database before running the migration. Simply tick the backup option before running a migration. Take control with the ability to pause/resume and cancel your migration while it’s running, you are in complete control. Gone are the days of guessing if the SQL file imported successfully.

Last updated on September 20th, 2022 at 03:51 pm