Managed WordPress Hosting

Technical superiority developing smart in-house solutions and adopting innovative technology takes passion. SiteGround were pioneers in secure account isolation and among the first to use Linux containers. Managed WordPress hosting is a way to empower ones clients to focus on their core business. This greatly minimizes your WordPress hosting maintenance.

SiteGround offer automatic WordPress updates that you can leave on auto-pilot or schedule. You can run the latest PHP or switch between versions. Static caching can be enabled or disabled, plus you can add dynamic and memcached to get the performance you want.

SiteGround have a team of dedicated security experts keeping track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level. They actively write patches and enhancements to prevent attacks like the 300 plus Firewall rules added in the past year. This stopped multiple identified-yet-unresolved third-party software vulnerabilities.

You can also create client sites within your account and migrate them to a new hosting account later or allow clients access as you build their site. You can create collaboration websites and or provide access to white label clients.

Last updated on October 26th, 2021 at 09:58 pm