At Garths Global Goodies you’ll find a bit of everything, from tools to tips and more. I enjoy building websites today and computers back in the day. In the 90’s you had to read the chipset numbers and manually search for and install the relevant drivers. This was using a 56K dial-up modem getting a whopping 4kbps down if you were lucky.

I have several interests, many of which continue to be based around the internet. Mostly I use the world wide web to research science-related stuff, through to law, food and more. I tend to come across useful interesting things in various forms. You’ll be able to locate such by searching the home page or selecting the blog categories within the home drop-down menu above.

You can also rest assured knowing that what I post has been validated with reasonable care and attention to detail. WordPress plugins and themes for example will be ones I use and not just some random junk that looked interesting. You’ll only find the best of the best here.

During the mammoth amount of hours I’ve racked up online, I’ve seen plenty and learnt loads. Some things I initially thought have changed as I acquired undeniable facts. I’ve learnt you need to keep your biases in check if you want to come to an evidence-based result. One can easily poison the well and end up looking for things to support an inaccurate point of view.

Facts matter and they don’t care about one’s feelings or whether you think that you’re right.

I’m also married and have three children from a previous relationship. They’re all adults today with promising careers. Furthermore, I have two grandkids and no doubt more on the way lol. Literally two months after writing this I was told I have two more grandkids on the way, so that didn’t take long at all – haha.

My wife and I recently renamed our company to match our trading name now that we’re solely accounting and taxation. We used to sell products and do a few other things including refrigeration. We did this under a non-specific business name which is now redundant.

Last updated on October 26th, 2021 at 09:45 pm